The Cocoa Boat


A steward’s free time aboard the Sea Bird is invaluable. Dare to wake up a steward during his/her afternoon nap and you will find you’ve opened a Pandora’s box of every dangerous reaction possible. So the likelihood of volunteering to do extra chores is impossibly small when you consider all of your lazy alternatives. That is, until someone proposes an afternoon on the cocoa boat.

The cocoa boat is without a doubt the most delightful part of this job. In short, the cocoa boat delivers Christmas cheer in the form of hot chocolate and crème de menthe during an afternoon while passengers cruise around the fjords in zodiacs. Last week, the cocoa boat went out for several hours in Endicott Arm during a particularly drizzly and cold day. Embracing drenched clothes and frozen hands gripping the crème de menthe, our crew navigated the icy waters and scraped over bright blue icebergs to get closer to the glaciers. Pretty cool indeed.

Fun fact/Side note: the icebergs are bright blue because the highly pressurized molecules create ice dense enough to absorb every color on the spectrum except for blue. I think. You should probably check wikipedia before you quote me on this.

Anyway, Endicott Arm provided the perfect backdrop for our lovable cocoa boat. Check out the photos below to see for yourself!







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