Countdown to Boat: 9 hrs, 8 minutes


Hiking up Mt. Roberts, Juneau Alaska

It’s never inspiring to wake up and find your pillow smeared with chocolate. I blame the happening on the fact that I will be living on a boat in less than 10 hours. The clock is ticking down to my departure on the Sea Bird and I fear many things:

  • First, I fear I will never find a loofa. I have searching all day for one amidst the wilds of Juneau to no avail. My shower routine will be all off.
  • Second, I fear imminent doom in the form of sea-sickness.
  • Third, I fear I did not memorize my nautical glossary well enough. Aft, port, starboard, WHAT’S THE WORD FOR FRONT?
  • Fourth, I fear I will mess up my service etiquette and place the coffee handle at 3pm instead of 4pm.

The list could go on and on but I suppose if I keep going I’ll brainstorm superfluous worries that will trump my valid worries.

Otherwise, I have been enjoying my last few days on beautiful, solid land. After being told by a taxi driver in Seattle that I would be a hit in Ethiopia because of my nose, I hit the streets for some famous fish-throwing action at Pikes Fish Market and rode the Ferris Wheel whilst snapping unruly selfies that were subsequently deleted.




And then there’s Juneau. Mysterious, mystical Juneau. After a short flight over the mountains and glaciers in SE Alaska, I scarfed down some salmon chowder in a bread bowl and Alaskan smoked beer while chatting up some friendly neighbors in the pub. The rain was on and off, but I decided to ride the tramway up Mt. Roberts and hike for the next few hours. It was blissfully silent except for the rushing waterfalls and stray eagles (ok, they were crows). Few people were on the trail so I reveled in my solitude and meditated in the mountain air. Until I started fearing bears. And boats.







FullSizeRender 2.jpg





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